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OHHH  I AM IN TROUBLE~~~ I hope that there is someone still reading here that can help me.  For years I've linked my blog photos to that they are closing and I am cheap....I do believe that I will lose all of my photos on my blog!!!! Short of paying their ransom for my photos, is there anything else I can do.......we are talking MANY photos!!!!

Please feel free to pass this on to anyone that may have an answer......I really don't want to pay or reload all the pics from my blog.......

Sunday, September 02, 2012

What's sewing

I have been wanting to take a class from Quilt University for a long time.  I finally took the plunge and signed up for "Jane Was Nuts."  It's a take on the Dear Jane quilt only all the blocks finish to a logical 4" size.  So far, after one lesson, I am in love with the blocks. I've wanted to make small blocks for a long time and this was just the nudge I needed.

Here is my first block. I love the low contrast of the pinwheels.

I followed all the instructions.  Mind you, the lesson was not what I expected (although I don't really know what I expected), but I followed the "draw a line, sew and cut" instructions to the letter! (I realllly don't like making half squares by this method but I was trying to be dutiful).  After finishing the block while admiring my handiwork and bemoaning the fact that there were going to be many more "draw the line" type 1/2 sq.s in my future, I had a DUH moment! I have hundreds, really, hundreds of finished 1 1/2" half square triangles HST's! I've been working on these thing for YEARS !!! I wrote about it here.  That was I have these

And these that are all counted and stacked neatly.  There are leftovers from a friends sew on the line, flip and pitch what's left, method of attaching a triangle to a square.
And these that are 2"

And these that are also leftovers from a sew on the line, flip and pitch what's left, method of attaching a triangle to a square....this time from a quilt I am making.
Sheesh! Just use the ones I have already made! Simplification and viola'! I buzzed through the lesson.

I am totally in love! I have been trying to figure out what to do with all of these cuties and this never occurred to me! I cannot wait for the next lessons... or maybe, now that my brain is turned on, I'll just go with the concept!

Hope over to Juday and see what else is going on in the quilt world!


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