Monday, February 02, 2009

Retreat 3

(sorry this retreat business is so drawn out! I've been readying for my in-laws and have had trouble at work....)

This is the kitchen of the Red Barn. On this morning, she had decorated the tables with flower pots wrapped in fabric & filled with flowers, napkins that matched the fabric on the pots and coordinating placemats. Each meal greets us with new centerpieces, placemats and cloth napkins. The upper shelf is decorated with discontinued Fiesta Ware dishes.

The windows are all covered in these fabric wrapped clothesline. Well, fabric wrapped is an odd way to put it. It is more like pieces of fabric tied around the rope. They are very cute.

This is a view of the sewing room. I am standing at the corner and getting as much in the shot as possible. See the open doorway? That is one bedroom. The sleeping is dormitory style and there are 12 beds to a room. The closed door next to it is one of the bathrooms.

This is one of the bedrooms. This one is decorated in the Christmas theme. There are another set of beds on the other side of the cubbies.

This is one bathroom. Each of the potties is covered by a different fabric. At the end of the room are two showers. There is another, identical bathroom adjoining.

This is what she uses as a curtain to give some privacy to those showering. It is not a shower curtain, just a "door." Click to enlarge, it's a rag quilt!

In "our" bedroom, this is the wall that is adjoining the sewing room. Friendship stars made from carpet!
This is one side of our bedroom. There is a wall with open doorways to....

The other side of our room. There are 4 of us that share this room. The other rooms are all pretty full as our retreat group is around 16. They can house up to 24. It is nice back here in our little corner because we have room to spread out all of our stuff. Plus, when it gets too cold we can grab an extra quilt! I always choose the bed on the left in the corner. I figure if I snore too loudly at least I won't be snoring in someone elses ear!

This is the view from where I sit. See the two women across from me? Mad women I say. The one on the left is a machine! She just churns out quilts left and right. The woman on the right is such a great quilter that she had quilts, quilts with an "s" accepted to the Houston show!!!

Here are the "5 AM-ers." We are the three "M's," Morah, Mollie, & Mary!!!!!


swooze said...

What a great looking retreat center!

Clevelandgirlie said...

Hi Morah! So nice to hear from you. WOW what a wonderful retreat you went on. I wanna come too. It's so nice you have buddies to go with - I usually go alone. Not alot of gals I know in to stitching. I see my beautiful pal Mollie there too. How fun. Girl Power!

Purple Pam said...

Looks like everyone was very productive and had a good time. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous retreat spot! I'm so jealous. Looks like a great inspirational environment!


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