Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thanks so much

Thanks so much for all of your kind words. It has been a difficult few weeks. I am amazed at myself. I didn't expect to mourn the way I did. My brother's death was much more difficult than my mother's. Everything seemed so tedious. My brother was sick for less than 10 months. We barely got adjusted to his illness. I seem to have a better handle on things now.I am SOO SOOO glad I went to Ohio this summer. I will post on "Auntie Camp goes on the road "even though it is months late.

I have been sewing. My daughter has requested pot holders. Oooooo tough stuff! LOL! I decided to use my scraps, make blocks and then practice quilting before I layer and actually turn it into a pot holder. I'm having a good time. I need to take photos.

I've also been Facebooking. Man is that fun! It is such an easy way to keep up with family.
The photo is just one of the sunrise over the gulf. I took it this summer when we went to watch baby turtles be released back into the wild.

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