Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'm on the computer.....AT HOME!

It feels great! My computer is back from the hospital and in much better health! To be able to sit at my own computer and not worry about bothering someone else is wonderful.

Ya know, things have to fall apart before you are able to appreciate them. We have had a crazy few weeks. You have to choose to either laugh or cry and I am choosing laugh because it's really rather funny. I wrote about the duct work, computer and the chimney. Well, the grill was leaking when we put on a new propane tank and while DH was at Lowes getting things to fix it, the car died! We bought a new battery for it, went home and while trying to hook things up on the grill, DH broke something making it unusable! (it really was on old grill but still!) It's been a bit irritating but as my in-laws say while playing cards, the worm has turned. My car is working just fine with a new battery, the computer is now home safe and sound. (They didn't need to clear the hard drive but did install a fan so loud that you can hear it all over the house.) I will call the guy later and schedule the duct work and get the chimney fixed by the end of the month. All in all, I can't complain too loudly because all of these things are just inconviences....expensive...annoying...but in the grand scheme of things, just that. Things. Items. The important things in our life are all doing just fine!

My quilts hung in the quilt show and I was judged. I was so nervous but it wasn't too bad. No ribbons but lots of kudos. I keep saying I would never do it again but just may. I have two years to think about it as this is a bi-annual show.

I finished a UFO and marked it off my list. Yee Ha! My in-laws have been visiting for the last 3 weeks so I have not been sewing. I'm looking forward to being able to sew again. We've just been so doggone busy between fixing things and entertaining! LOL!!!!

I will visit the rings as soon as I am able. Looking forward to catching up!


paula, the quilter said...

Now that is a strange phrase: the worm turns. You should see the images that is bringing up in my brain!

Linda_J said...

do you feel like what could possibly happen next? Good that the puter is back though--hard to get along much without one these days.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Good to have your computer back - how did we ever manage 'before'?

computerpeach said...

I couldn't imagine being without a computer that long. Even when mine was in for repairs, I had my husband's desktop to use. I would go through serious withdrawls having to be without one that long. Welcome back!!

Diana said...

It never fails, once one thing goes wrong, the rest of it just follows along.

I've never been brave enough to put anything in a quilt show--I hope they gave you some positive feedback. I've heard horror stories from some of my quilting buddies.

Pam said...

Good to see you back online -- I'm glad to hear "the worm has turned"

I always find I can complain but when I do nobody really listens -- so I don't - LOL

Clare said...

Computerless! It would freak me out! Someone told me that when things go wrong in 3's or 4's look at the moon. If it is full then you are on a roll! A full moon "holds" things if you get my meaning.

Sweet P said...

I would go into withdrawals if I was at home and didn't have my computer. Actually I need to rin diagnostics on it tomorrow and I'll be without it for about 3 hours. I'm already going crazy just thinking about it.

Shelina said...

Morah, I am behind reading posts, and just came up on all your list of troubles. I hadn't heard the expression "the worm has turned" but I like it - and I am glad that it did. It does feel like things always happen in groups, doesn't it.
Congratulations on having your quilts ung in a quilt show. I've never done that. You've inspired others. Congratulations on getting your UFO finished as well.


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