Saturday, February 17, 2007

Nothing quilty going on here

I've been holding onto these pictures for just this problem. I have no current photos to post. Eventually I'll get around to taking pictures of quilty things, but for now.... This is a picture of the gift that Mrs. S gave to DH for Hanukkah. She couldn't think of what to give within my parameters. I told the girls that they couldn't spend much money on the two of us. They either had to make something, write something...any thing free or close to it. Besides, Mrs. S. had just gotten married. Who had money? The general idea was mine but she took and and ran with it. The table is a cheapy that I bought to hold the kiddush cup and candles under the her chuppah. The purply long things are cigar cases. We have been saving DH's cigar cases for so long that I began to throw them away. Mrs. S and I kept saying, "there must be something we can do with these things!" I have also been saving wine corks. All of my friends and their friends have added to my collection. Ms. A works at Macaroni Grill so she asked the the bar to save beer caps. All together they create DH's vice table. She painted the table black, added the various features, a piece of glass and viola'. I think it is really cute.

I am NOT in the mood to quilt. I can't tell if I'm just stuck on what I have to work on or what. It's so bad that I am thinking of skipping a one day retreat next weekend to go visit Ms. A. I had this same kind of slump last year at this time. Wonder why? I did goof around with a birthday banner for my brother. I am using shirting material. I mean from shirts! It's a challenge to get the fabric of the shirts to the correct size needed for the pattern. I stll need to figure out what to use for the letters. I may use baseball and nascar type fabric for them. He may work in an office but his heart is in baseball, Nascar and motorcycles. Problem is, I go into the sewing room goof around for 10-15 mins and then just lose interest. I tried to work on my nickel quilt this weekend. Sewed about 10 seams and quit...bored. Tried to work on my friends soduko quilt and assembled one block all wrong, ripped it, reassembled, added sashing and then saw that I had it right the first time! Put that away. I think I'll just stick to watching tv tonight. It seems much safer!


Sweet P said...

What a great gift and great concept!

Perhaps you have the blues because of the weather. Halfway between winter and spring is tough on a lot of people. I'm sure your quilting mojo will come back soon.

Shelina said...

Morah, this is a beautiful table. I like all the texture on it.

It's okay to take a vacation from quilting now and then. It's a hobby - only do it when it brings you pleasure. You might be feeling restless because of the weather, or maybe there is something else that you would rather be doing.

Samantha said...

such a fun table!


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