Monday, April 16, 2007

General goings on

Finished placemats that I started a week ago. Yoo Hoo for me. World record timing. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

The week in review. I was a good citizen! I had jury duty on Monday. I spent the entire day in total boredom during the preliminary jury selection. Oh, did I mention that I was #48 of 48!? I knew that there was no way they would get all the way to me. But somehow I was privileged enough to be allowed to sit through ALL of the questions posed to the other candidates. When they got to me they had no questions! Then we were given the delightful news that we needed to return to the court the next day because they eliminated so many potential jurors, there weren't enough to actually select the jury!! When we returned the next day, we were dismissed! Urgh! I have no problem serving on a jury. I just question the system that lets 48 adults run through hoops for 8 or nine hours and then sends them home. On the plus side, I finished binding the above placemats!

Tuesday, after I left the courthouse, I PAID my taxes. Notice I didn't say submitted my refund.

Wednesday, spent way too much time beginning the shut down procedures on my classroom. I am taking a new job next school year. I not only need to shut my room down for this year, but need to purge my personal items, files ect., from the ones the school owns.

Thursday, play day! The girls came over and we played with fabric.

Friday, made Shabbat dinner but as usual Mrs. S. cancelled. We enjoyed it without them.

So there you have my dull and boring but very productive week. I know I've gone on about how everyday life is worth posting about but I may have to rethink my stand!


Greenmare said...

Maybe you should piece a courthouse steps while you sit through the next selection process! Seriously, I love your soduko quilt, even though I don't "get" soduko myself.
But if it's as good as your quilt, I might try it!

gwen said...

Your sudoku quilt is very original, and the quilting is gorgeous! Take care.


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