Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Weight Check In

Well, I'm still here...still trying to lose weight. I seem to be at a plateau. I've been messing around with 3-4 lbs. I gain them, I lose them....never getting under that evasive number I'm trying to get under. I keep exercising. I'm not complaining. I lost a lot quickly and this is the plateau I always reach. I would just love once to get below it before I get discouraged. On the plus side.....I bought a size 14 jean and a 12 skirt!(I'm sure the skirt is mismarked but I'll take it!) I came out this morning in my "skinny jeans" and DH said "hubba, hubba!" GRIN!!!!! That makes eating sawdust and paper a bit easier for today. (Whenever people ask how I've lost weight I tell them I eat sawdust and paper. One guy wanted to know what that was! I looked at him like he was nuts. "Sawdust! You know. Wood. Sawdust!" He thought it was some special type of diet food!!!!! Obviously someone that has never fought a weight battle in their life!)
It doesn't help that I've made 4 honey cakes ....................
and at least a million challah (bread) over the past few days!
I haven't eaten any of the challah but had to take a bite of the cake....it was the first time I'd made the recipe. Al I can say is mmmm...mmm....mmmmm..............

Quilting......uhm..........I'm trying to get DD anniversary quilt done. I'll get there but it's slow going. It's even a simple, simple pattern. I just can't get to it right now. I've been running full out since school started. I thought I'd gotten organized for my new job but realized...NO, I'm not organized at all. Eventually, things will slow down, the Jewish holidays will be over and life will take on a slower pace. I am excited though because all of the fruits and veggis I made earlier this summer are ready and waiting to be hung in my room.
Last but not least...this is too cool. I'm listening to local radio on the computer while I'm posting. TOO cool. Love the age we live in!


Susan said...

You'll get off the plateau. It's good to know you are still exercising. If those new clothes don't keep you motivated, I don't know what will. =)

atet said...

You'll get there with your weight goals, hang in there! New clothes are a GREAT motivator! (and a hubby who says hubba hubba doesn't hurt)

Here's to getting through Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and things slowing down!

Elaine Adair said...

Are you disorganized because you lost weight? That's what our Mom's always said would happen -- "don't get to thin and get sick" ! LOL -- Frankly, I am darned jealous of your strength and determination -- I take my hat off to you - what a great job you've done, and the "hubba hubba" from DH doesn't hurt either! 8-)))

Shelina said...

Congratulations on your progress on your weight loss so far. I think it is wonderful. Good luck with the rest of it. I admire your self control in not eating all that cake and bread!


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