Friday, October 17, 2008

Pictures of the gang

Here is the gang last week at break-fast (Jews fast the entire day of Yom Kippur. The meal you eat when breaking the fast is called break-fast...breakfast, break-fast.....hmmmmm)

Left to right....

Mrs. S and Mr. FancyPants (green shirt)

C2 & Ms. A(coffee cup in hand)(Ya see, Mr. FancyPants and

C2 have the same name)

and in the front our "rent-a-kid!"(Mr. r-a-k) He is a friend of Ms. A's and spends alot of holidays with us. Mmmmm... Mr.r-a-k is eating my world famous, okay at least in my house, kugel!

These are two dear friends, Mr. & Mrs. E. We have adopted one another.

Not shown are Mr and Mrs Newcomer and their adorable children. We invited these people into our home, sight unseen, to break the fast with us. They are new to the area and I thought they might need a friend. Let me tell you, it was not a great experience. To put it mildly, I received a nasty e-mail the next day filled with twisted lies and accusations (not to mention typos, grammatical and spelling errors! If you want to insult my hospitality at least have the courtesy of using spellcheck!). I was even told that we called them names! Derogatory, ugly names. Next, I was told that we were degrading another religion and in turn of members of their family! Heck, members of that religion were sitting right in front of them! My in -laws are that religion! Why would we degrade it!? Why would we insult our guests!? To say I fired off a passionate response would be an understatement. My family told me that I am not allowed to invite anyone else to our house ( I have a reputation of finding kooks!). They said from now on I must bring any invitations before committee!

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hunnybunny said...

I am SO sorry about the kooks, I attract them too. Maybe it's our creativity being confused with CRAZY artist. It looks like a good time, and hopefully you guys can focus on kugel. Mmmm kugel...


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