Sunday, March 08, 2009

I've been reading....

Well, I say reading but use the term loosely as my eyes don't do all that much in the process. I tend to listen to all of my books. I've finally figured out how to load a CD onto my computer and get it into the ipod into AudioBooks. A big WHOOHOOO here as having it in the regular music is just plain annoying! Our library has finally started providing downloadable books. There aren't too many available yet but we are getting there. I decided to keep track of what I read and what better forum then my, currently sometimes, blog. (I am hoping the blogging bug will hit hard again soon and I will be a more regular contributor!!!! I miss it and yet don't miss the time it takes!!)

This is a great book!!!!!! It led me to.................

....this book. It was fantastic! If you love Little Women, you must read this. It is about Mr. March, the Little Women's dad. It is a wonderful story!!!!

This is definately a Young Adult read but there is something addictive about it and I am now beginning the second book in the series. We went to the dollar movies to see the movie and my opinion stands....never see a movie after reading a book. It was blah!

Another one that has a movie....No, I've not seen it. I actually read this book..... With my eyes!!!!!

Gotta love "reading" on an ipod. I read and sew or clean or drive. If I just sit still and listen, I tend to read and sleep!!! Not too condusive to remembering the plot of a story! Plus,when I read with my eyes, I tend to do so before sleep. I have a hard time holding a book while lying in bed. I know it's weird, I can sew with my hands but holding a book while laying down is hard on my hands. Let's not even go to how hard it is to read lying down while wearing bifocals!


The Calico Quilter said...

If I'm trying to read lying down I last about 10 minutes and then .....snore! Better to read in bed lying on my stomach. I don't have to hold up the book (hands like that better) and I don't doze off as easily. The only problem is how my back protests when I get up! I was a Little Women fan as a girl, I must look up "March". Thanks.

Suze said...

Listening to books is a wonderful thing. I joined before my library began having books online. I have really enjoyed it.

Hope you are feeling more like yourself again soon.

Esteemarlu said...

Hi Morah,I really like those travel tags. That's a great idea. Is there a pattern somewhere? I also love to read and have seen People Of The Book in many magazines and bookstores. Is it a good book? I agree about not reading a book before seeing the movie. There's so much more in a book.Hope you do get the blogging bug again.

The Calico Quilter said...

I wanted to tell I got a copy of "March" today and after one chapter I know this is a book I will cry over. But I am sucked in by the beautiful writing, and will finish it in marathon reading sessions. Thanks for the recommendation.


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