Monday, March 30, 2009

Mrs. S's Birthday

Mrs. S made me very old last week....she turned 25! I don't know how that can be as I am still 25!!!!! Here were her presents....

I don't know how many of these birthday banners I've made but the book was an investment well made.

I bought the pattern for this candle mat at Quilt festival in Houston and actually made it in two days! While I was on spring break I bought a Bedazzler and bedazzled it! It was so much faster than tying on seed beads!!!! Plus it was too much fun! I would have liked to use some jazzier wool felt but these were the colors I had.

The cupcake pattern came from this blog. Mty version came out kinda wierd because I used wool felt for both the outside and liner of the cupcake holder. It is good enough but I'll try it again when I'm in less of a hurry and I'm sure it will look better.
I also made her puppy pillowcases but as ususal, forgot to photograph them!

All in all a mostly homemade birthday. Whew! It's so much easier to buy gifts!

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limpingalong said...

Really cute! You did a great job.


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