Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I have a job for life.

A number of years ago I made kippot for my Hebrew School kids. (A kippah-singular- is the "cap' Jewish men wear). That year I had all boys in my class. They loved them. One boy in particular wore his.....and wore it and wore it and wore it! Now you have to understand that I made the kippot from matzah fabric (you have to scroll down to the bottom to see the ones I made) for the holiday of Passover. I never meant for them to be worn at any other time ....b..u...t....Noone told that to Hudson. For the last four years he has proudly worn his matzo kippah every time he goes to synagogue. (his mom had had me make a few for their household so I'm sure he hasn't had to wear the same one over and over and over) For his Bar Mitzvah, I told him I'd make him a kippah out of any fabric he liked. He chose hockey fabric.
I really think I have a job for life with this kid. He enjoys wearing the homemade kippot and I enjoy making them for him!

For some reason, this one came out a little bit cone head! Naturally I had waited to the last minute to make them so I chose not to remake it. I figure 13 year old boys are a bit coneheaded to begin with so it shouldn't be tooooo, tooooo bad!

This one looks much better!

He was very impressed, as was his mother, with the monogramming. It took 10 minutes with my machine! I may rarely use the bells and whistles on my machine but they are sure nice to have when you need them!

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