Friday, June 04, 2010

Playing with my Friends #2

It has been a long time since I've had little children in my house. This day was a huge reminder that I did the right thing in having my children young. I forgot how much energy it takes to keep up with a two year old for a day!

I picked the girls up. I don't know if they knew that I was coming, but when they saw me, the look on their faces was precious. It was a combination of "What is SHE doing here," and "Oh Lookee who's here." Most times preschoolers get confused when they see teachers outside of school. We are "in the wrong place." We grabbed their things and headed off!

We began the day with breakfast. We did, after all, need to make lists of what we were planning to do during the day. I forgot about restaurants and little ones. The not being tall enough to reach the table and need to kneel on the seats, the allure of the jellies, syrups, sugars, salt and pepper....the whole potty issue.... Naturally we needed to potty as a group. No problem, I potty little ones all the time. HA! I forgot (a reoccurring theme of the day) how alluring potty rooms are! Monkey pottied first while Kitten did the "hurry up" dance. Cover the seat. lift the child, get her hands off the disgusting potty, wash hands. Repeat. BUT Miss Monkey was not reading my mind after we washed hands. She very proudly raced over and threw her paper towel in the toilet, put one hand on the seat, and the other stretched up and over to re-flush. AH! "Please put your towel in the wastebasket." Rewash hands. I turned my head to grab a towel for myself and YIKES!! she was already tossing the towel in the potty and flushing again! Re-re-wash hands. Hold her hand. Dry her hands. GET OUT of the public restroom! The whole time Miss Kitten is calmly watching us. Her face looked like, "Can we PLEASE leave this bathroom already! LOL!! Tummies full, hands relatively germ free, we headed off to the grocery store.

The grocery store was simple. Everyone was contained! Zip we were home.

Because I haven't had children in the house in so long, we are not childproofed. I frantically sped through the house the day before finding all the contraband! Oh boy, my sewing room is like a mine field for little kids! Pins,(many on the floor), needles,rotary cutters, scissors....ooeeee! Get things up high! Medicine...YIKES! I no longer get child proof caps. Under the cabinet in the kitchen. OMGoodness! My purse alone is a scary object in the hands of a child let alone an entire un-childproofed house! MRS H.(that's me) BE ON ALERT!

I did put my design wall to good use. We used it as an enormous flannel board and arranged flannel board story pieces all over it. This proved to be a fabulous activity and they did it again and again.

We played inside.

P6020052 P6020053

P6020054 P6020055

We played outside.

SSPX0067 SSPX0071

At one point while they played, I began to pull weeds. Ms. Kitten decided to help. Hey, cheap labor!!

Ms. Monkey managed to rearrange my house the way only a two year old can. It took us 15 mins. to find the remotes, I found pillows all over the house, coasters decorated all the rooms any furiture light enough to carry was moved. It was so amusing to try to figure out where she put things.

We also baked cookies. Tomorrow.....


Linda said...

Soooo sweet!
Lurking Linda

Margo in Maine said...!!!

Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

hohohohohohehehehehahahaha...I have given up with decorative do dads because the/my 5 yo finds new uses for EVERYTHING...she would have used the cookie sprinkles on dirt for decor!!

i do find myself watching the girls [all 3] in a different light, so to speak, than i watched my children. amazing, simply exhausting, but amazing.


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