Thursday, August 05, 2010

Summer 2010

Remember the kippot I made for Hudson? Well his Bar Mitzvah was the weekend that I left for Ohio. It was lovely, lovely, lovely. These are the pictures they took at his party. The first one is a photograph of my BFF and I. We were obviously being silly and sassy.

Ruthie and I at Hudson's Bar Mitzvah. June 2010

These are two of my former students. Hudson is on the left. The boy on the right had his Bar Mitzvah in January or February. He then promptly grew 3 feet taller!! LOL! Of the 5 boys in this class (I taught them for 2 years) these are the only two that haven't moved away. I was so pleased that they both agreed to have a picture taken with their ol' teacher.

Hudson, Ryan and I at Hudson's Bar Mitzvah. June 2010

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