Monday, March 07, 2011

Presents for the bride

My design wall looks very empty...that's because everything I'm working on right now is 3 dimensional! I managed to finish everything on my list for last week...unfortunately we are now in a new week and the craziness re-starts!

I went very simple for Ms. Aviva's shower gift. First, I made her this bag. The entire wedding is candy themed. I made candy fabric kippot and used the same fabrics to make this bag.





This is the bag pattern.


I also made her pillowcases from this adorable fabric.

The best thing I included in her gift bag was a pair of booties!!! (they were $1 at joanns and I couldn't resist the joke) She wanted to kill me! I couldn't stop laughing!!! "MOM!!!!!!" (yes, I unashamedly would like grandchildren but no there are none on the way!)


JCnNC said...

What nice gifts - I love the idea of the booties as a gift - I must remember that. Judy C

Julie Kaye from KS said...

Great shower gifts. Love your pillow case fabric. And the candy fabric too.

Chris said...

What cute bags!

Marti said...

Great bags! I bet they will be a bit hit. I like your wedding fabric much better than mine, and a pillowcase is a great way to use it. Funny about the booties. My mil used to give me booties for Christmas.

Gari said...

Why have kids if you can't poke them once in a while? Cute bags and love the pillowcase fabric.

Melinda said...

Very cute bags - love the use of the candy fabric. The wedding pillowcases are a great idea.

Kate said...

Candy sounds like a fun theme for a wedding. Great shower gifts!

Quilter Kathy said...

What fabulous gifts! Love the fabric you chose!


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