Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Wedding prep 1

A few weeks ago we had a massive wedding prep day. Noone (read bride and groom to be) was safe from the weekend of crafting.

Chris and Aviva used large amounts of glue and made even larger mounds of hot glue strings in the process!


Aviva is making a lollipop topiary with white fabric. Up close it kinda looks like white and red roses. Not so much in this shot.


Chris was the winner this particular weekend. He created the most amazing Tootsie Roll topiary. Give a guy a job with very specific instructions and plan to receive amazing results.

He was meticulous in his application. However, boys will be boys and after a few hours of crafting fun he couldn't take it any longer and resumed his Mortal Combat game!


The picture of the finished product does not do it justice. You'll just need to hang around long enough to see actual pics from the wedding. Those tootsie rolls are packed tight! It is absolutely adorable. There are about 5 lbs of candy on this thing. He said if you get close it smells like a tootsie roll flower!

A few weeks earlier, I made this starlight candy topiary. It is holding 7 lbs of candy. I made a mistake and used permanent glue! LOL!!! The only way these puppies are coming off is if you unwrap them!

2011-02-10 22.41.32

Here Chris is cutting papers to cover water bottles and Aviva is assembling candy bags.

2011-02-19 12.46.36

See my sewing machine? I wasn't just the photographer, I was busy finishing the last bits of the kippot.
2011-02-19 12.44.56

Just a cool shot. My phone has a panorama setting and I wanted to see how it worked. All that mess you see around is crafting stuff! It was a very busy and very productive weekend!
2011-02-19 12.20.04

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Susan said...

It looks like a good time was had by all.........


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