Sunday, June 15, 2008

I am alive...just not kicking too hard

I feel like I dropped off the face of the earth last week.

Camp - Oh why did I say yes to work all summer? This is haard work! I am scrambling every day and run from the time I hit campus until I come home. Then running all night to make sure we have a great tomorrow. The kids are great I just am not comfortable in this new role. Plus I have to have a new "keep them busy, teach them about Israel" thing to do each day. Not my strongest subject but I am plugging along. We did have a good week and the kids are all running around humming the songs we learned.

Sewing - I suggest you refer first to the above paragraph and then to my June goals and then..... LAUGH! Non-existent machine sewing here. I have been working on a hand project but I will go into that another time.

Personal - I really would rather have raging teenage hormones then these "downhill side of 40" hormones. At least the teenage hormones fire you up. These "downhill side of 40" hormones plunge me into a place that I don't like, which unfortunately seems to be more and more's not pretty and light but dark and self depreciating and almost debilitating. I keep fighting but man, it's hard and not fun. It's really difficult to be fun, uplifting and look at the bright side when you have to fight with yourself so hard. At the same time, I 'm tired of complaining and am willing to fight...if only to make this unpleasant side of me go away.....enough of that. (Hey, as long as I'm wishing, I'd might as well add in be rich, beautiful, thin and talented!!! LOL)

Happy news - Ms. A passed her test and is now a Level 1 Certified Deaf Interpreter.....did I mention, with a job!!!! Whooo Hoooo!

My birthday - hmm...another day, another post.


Vicki W said...

It's such a bummer when we don't ahave time to sew! I feel your pain on the raging hormones. Someone made a recommendation to me that seems like voodoo medicine but it really works for me in controlling the mood swings - white tea. No joke. I dring one cup/glass every day and it has helped tremendously. Everyone can tell when I miss a day.

StitchinByTheLake said...

About the hormones....this too shall pass! It is most definitely a hard road to walk but it does eventually have an end. I told someone at church today I don't mind being almost 62 but I still want to feel 35! God has plans for each stage of our lives and His plans are good. Blessings, marlene

Elaine Adair said...

I'm hearing you!

And just to keep things clean, I'll not say another word!

Gina said...

I get the same. there are days that I feel the need to beat myself up just to get out of bed. I'm not a nice person to be around then. There are other days that I can take on the world and win. It's so strange, and annoying.

Well done to Ms A for passing her exam.

love and hugs xxx

hunnybunny said...

Congrats to Ms A!!! It sounds like everything is very busy for you, and I feel your pain. I'm having my sickliest year ever my carriers, I mean children have brought home every infection they've been around. I have not taken care of myself and am yet AGAIN knocked down. This was to be my finish up my UFOs month, HA! We will feel even better when we are productive, we'll be all like "look at me, I FINISHED something." with high fives and everything.

Greenmare said...


Tanya said...

Dear Morah,
I stumbled on your blog a couple months ago and noticed your luggage tags. "Hmm. That looks like a nice project for SOMEDAY." Well, that someday was today and I went surfing the web trying to find you and I did! And I just made two luggage tags! And they are just great! Thank you!

Shelina said...

Hi, just checking in to see how you are doing. Hope your summer is going well. I completely understand about the hormone thing. Sometimes I wake up really angry about something that happened 20 years ago. Yeah, I don't think it matters much anymore.

Janet said...

Hi: The hormones will pass - when they do you will have the rest of your life to "admire" your crepey dry skin and sagging chin - lol!
A granny on the wrong side of 70.
Janet in muggy and hot Nova Scotia, Canada


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