Tuesday, June 03, 2008

June Goals

I posted May's accomplishments...Here are June goals....lofty to be sure~

1. A UFO to flimsy stage
2. Finish QFAH top & back
3. Make travel bags for all of us
4. Make the back for Ms. A's quilt
5. Attach borders to cowboy quilt
6. Make back for cowboy quilt

1. paint bedroom

Lose some of this weight I've gained and exercise again. My ankle is healing but I am having some other foot issues that are holding me back....BIG, BIG SIGH!

My quilting goals are lofty however I am in a challenge to see who sews the most hours in June! I plan on winning!! LOL!! Watch my list in my sidebar for total hours sewing this month.


pudge's girl said...

that's a great list, aren't you also going to make some apples in your "spare" time? I am tired thinking about it.

Julie said...

You are so brave to post your goals! I'm afraid to make a list. I get tired just thinking about how long it would be.

I cast my vote for the new bright light. My bicycle lives a lonely life gathering dust. I had grand plans that never materialized!


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