Thursday, April 02, 2009

The truth behind the quilt

You saw the finished product of Ms. A's quilt. What you didn't see was the horrid thing it was before it became Ms. A's quilt!

I don't know how Ms. CCCat managed to get this thing in shape but she is the pinning QUEEN! She measures and pins and measures and pins and my uneven, poorly sewn quilt miraculously became one that was only 1/4" off from top to bottom. To be fair to myself, and my ego, I never planned on this becoming a quilt let alone one as big as it was. It took a few years to finish, I managed to make some sashing 2 1/2" and some 2"! I used mostly Kona Cotton for the sashing but a bit of some realllllly cheapo black came into play at some point. I never really measured correctly and was a lousy, lousy top.

I couldn't get the borders on correctly and once again, Ms. CCCat fixed it. How, I'll never know. However, when you look at these pictures you will see the wrinkles, bubbles..... mountains even that we mangaged to pin and quilt out! All in all it is an amazing feat that we, and I do use that term veeerrryyyy loosely, managed to finish this and Ms. A is sleeping under it today.


Elaine Adair said...

Amazing, how well the most humble quilt looks when it gets "DONE". Remember the phrase, "It will all quilt out."! Looks good to me and what a great example of perseverance. Fun to examine the fabrics, also. 8-)) Congrats on your stick-to-it-ness.

The Calico Quilter said...

She IS the pinning queen! But, to be fair, tops always seem a little wavy before they are basted. I doubt yours was worse than most. It's adorable now - the quilting always seems to add so much.

(You don't have to tell on yourself, you know!)


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