Thursday, May 21, 2009

My machine Does have an ON button!

Edit! I photographed all of my pillowcases UPSIDE DOWN! SHEESH!

If you remember correctly, DH, ahem.... hates cats..... Naturally, I had to play on this uhmm...hatred. Yeah, that's what he claims it is... hatred. I got these silly fabrics at Joanns. They are Robert Kaufman and I got them on clearance for under $4/yard! Ever since we got Minkee, DH has been saying things like "Your riffin' raffin' cat," or "I hate cats! " ect. At the same time, he worries incessantly about the doors being open too long, the blinds being down too late in the morning, ect, ect, ect. You get the picture. Big man of the house can't be in love with the widdle bitty fwuffy kitty! So, when I saw this fabric I HAD to buy it. He was out of town while I made them. He cracked up when he finally saw them. Even his body pillow matches! He calls me the cat lady.....WE know better! Cat Man should be HIS new pseudonym!


Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Your pillowcases are adorable! I really like the green fabric you used too :)

Elaine Adair said...

Oh my, these men!!!


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