Sunday, May 17, 2009


I've been busy. I've been creative. I've just not been sewing. I have the "make my front yard look more like fine people who care live inside rather than ragamuffins" syndrome! I am trying to take an uninspiring, overgrown space.............. and turn it into something beautiful. Seeing as how most of my front yard is weeds, this is not an easy undertaking! We had a raised bed built and I've been filling it with bushes and flowers. Now add to all of that fun that it has been blazing hot with whipping winds....well, I'm tired at the end of the day. I will post an "after" photo soon.
I did make zipper purses for my girls. I followed the directions from a taped Sewing with Nancy tv show. There was only one problem. Her samples we inconsistent. One had the zipper starting in one direction and the other in the opposite direction. If you followed the wrong set of directions you ended up with a purse that opened from the bottom. Guess which one I chose to follow on the first bag?! Plus I must have used thin ribbon or something because mine came out bumpy and lumpy instead of smooth like the one in the youtube video. I was so in love with my finished products that I didn't even bother to take a picture!!
School is out in a few short workdays and I will be able to sew and create to my hearts desire. By then it will be too unbearably hot to work in the yard and I'll be snuggled inside with the air conditioner for the summer!

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The Calico Quilter said...

Oh man, I can SOOO relate. I always say that as long as the stuff in the yard is green and can be mowed to a uniform height, it works as a lawn for me! (Over the last 40 years and several owners a lot of effort has gone into getting my front yard in shape, and unfortunately everyone seems to have planted different types of grass, so it's an appropriate quilter's lawn - sort of patchwork.) Looks like you inherited some bushes that a previous owner planted too close to the building. Sometimes the only thing to do is to yank them out and start over. BTW, I'm a little confused about the wood showing in the brick arches - did you have some windows damaged by storms?


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