Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Hello! My name is Morah

Ok, My name is really Marla but.....I'm still alive. Yup! Where have I been??? I can't decide if I want to continue blogging...... My life has changed. I work. I volunteer. But I think the biggest "not wanting to blog" factor is Facebook! I seem to spend so much of my free time there keeping up with family that I feel guilty when I sit down to blog. Here are some of my other reasons for the indecision....

-I wish there were a faster way to post and explain photos, hook up links. - Hooking up the camera or removing the card. Uploading, getting the settings correct. Love to do it but unless I just don't know what I am doing, it is very time consuming.

- It's been soooo long, I wonder if there is anyone out there that will read (although I really blog for posterity)

-The birth of "professional" blogs. Although I love to read them, the explosion of "professional" type blogs has diminished the impact of us little peons just plugging away out here. (wow! I should read my previous bullet point!) I have nothing to promote, no book to sell, no advertisers to keep happy....Don't get me wrong, I love reading them. I'm just not as fancy.

I will try to begin blogging again. After all, I am working on a wedding canopy for my daughter Aviva! I have to give her equal time as her sister (it was her sister's chuppah that started the whole blogging thing)

Yet........all of the above are probably just an excuse for sheer, plain, Laziness!!!! LOL!!

BTW Thank you to Ms. Desertsky for wondering where I've been!

Oh and the picture..????Has nothing to do with nothing!! It's just a shot of my daughters and I ....Perhaps....I'll explain why we are in identical shirts in my next post......


Elaine Adair said...

Well, my dear, I am still here and hoping to hear you are still blogging! It doesn't matter about the professionals, or authors or ??? and I know youare working on the ? sp?? chuppa sp?? but it's nice to know you are thinking about the other bloggers. Come back when you can, no guilt. I don't have any knowledge with
Facebook, except that I keep getting messages/ploys to join someone somewhere. I like it HERE!

Linda said...

I've missed you! i've checked in almost every day to see whether or not you're back. Life does get in the way though, I suppose. I don't have a blog so I can't say anything! I am on facebook but I only go on to check other people's lives (like my children), and to play scrabble. Hope you decide to hang in there!
Lurking Linda

Anonymous said...

I don't like the "professional" blogs. I like yours. Please keep on blogging, you have readers. Sandra Neel Hutchins


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