Thursday, September 30, 2010

Owl Swap


We all have "those" kind of friends. You know the one. She suckers you into something batting her eyelashes, smiling ever so pretty and all the while beckoning you with her claws! LOL! Well my friend suckered me! (Silly me, I fell for it......AGAIN!) Our quilting group had an owl swap. They had 8 months to complete 21blocks, one for each of the participants. The day the blocks were turned in, THE VERY DAY, during the meeting, in front of the group, I received the eye batting, sweet smiled question..."Would I like to make up for the one person that didn't fulfill their responsibilities?" I fell for it and then the claws came out...."finish the blocks in one week?" Oh, did I run screaming? Did I even see the claws? Did I stop to consider that it was the week that school was starting, two weeks before all the Jewish holidays and my most busiest time of the year? Whatdaya think! Of course not! I said yes. On the plus side, my eye batting, sweet talking, claw wielding friend is also very, very nice. She and another dear friend helped immensely and were vital to the completion of my blocks. I didn't finish in one week but did have them ready at the next meeting. Like the crossed eyes I gave my owls? That was how I felt after the word yes came out of my mouth!

This is the pattern we used.


Susan said...

Oh that looks like such fun. But now you must stand in front of a mirror and practice saying:

I would really like to help you but right now my schedule is full.

Say this 10 times each day before and after you brush your teeth. Soon it will come naturally.

Anonymous said...

I love your owl, and the crossed eyes are great! I'll bet it was fun to get the other blocks back, too. I'd like to see those!

What happened to you since the end of September?


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