Monday, June 27, 2011

Design wall Monday

edit********I always forget(URGHHH!) to tell everyone to hop on over to Judy's blog and check out all of the other design walls!!!!!

A little late but I'm here...

So my machine is going to the spa....for a minimum of one week. The tech said that they are running at 10 days however, I send my machine to Austin. I live almost 4 hours away. After Friday, I won't be able to pick it up for at least 3 weeks.....sigh....... Let's keep our fingers crossed he is able to finish it before I get there on Friday!

2011-06-27 09.18.31
On the plus side of no machine, I have to work on other things. goal of the summer is to get my fabric scraps
2011-06-27 09.18.46
and drawers under control. No machine will allow me to do just that. I am working on the chuppah scraps I didn't finish. Next I'm going to attack the drawers of strips in sizes I'll never use. I'm going to take them down to the sizes I will use and then....USE them!

On a TOTALLY unrelated note....I think my heart rate monitor needs a new battery.....

2011-06-27 14.47.57

or maybe I DO! LOL!!


Denise :) said...

Yikes on the three weeks! On the other hand, good for you for making the best of it -- there's always a silver lining! Happy (what's left of it) Monday! :)

Brita said...

sometimes it's a good thing to have to step away from the sewing machine :-) You'll have some fun scraps to use by the time it comes home, and you can put the pedal to the metal!


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