Saturday, June 11, 2011

Have project will travel!

Always have a project ready to go! I'm working my star struck quilt from the Bonnie Hunter workshop. I need to draw lines on a bazillion squares. Its great work to do while during in a hospital room!

I am loving working on this super easy quilt. It goes together so quickly! I have decided to make it queen or king sized. I haven't finished cutting my strip sets so the size will depend on that. I've already assembled 200 quarter blocks and 6 full blocks. For me, working this quickly is a big deal.

I don't think I'll be sewing before Dan comes home. To frivolous to sure and sew right now. Besides don't want to. I sleep just fine, for days and days on end, when he travels but can't sleep when he is literally only one mile away! Same with sewing. Soooo.... I'll suit and mark my bazillion squares and be ready to go as soon as he comes home!

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