Friday, June 10, 2011


Never a great thing to be able to take a photo like this. DH woke me up Weds night at2am writhing in pain. Many hours later he was admitted to the hospital with a diverticulitis micro tear. In other words a hole where there ought not be a hole. He has been and will remain in the hospital. He is healing but the treatment for this is resting the colon and antibiotics. Only way to do that is through IV meds and nutrition. Hopefully by Mon he will be able to go home. In the meantime I'll quietly do handwork in this chair while he sleeps through the hard hitting pain meds.

Thank goodness for modern medicine.

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floribunda... aka Julie said...

Ouch! I hope everything heals well and that YOU get some sleep, too!

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

My Husband went through that a few years back. Definitely no fun. At least it is a micro tear and he is where he needs to be. Make sure you get enough rest and nutrition too. Having someone in the hospital can wear out a caregiver real fast.


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