Monday, August 29, 2011

Design Wall

Finally, finally finsished!!! Yippee, Yappee, Yahoooeee!!!! This has been languishing in my UFO box for almost 2 years. DH COULD. NOT. start the new football season with a golf quilt on the back of his chair now could he?? Now he has a Cleveland Cavs quilt and a Cleveland Browns and a generic golf quilt ready to adorn the back of his chair during the appropriate season! Perhaps this will help the final score for our Ohio teams????

This will have to qualify as my design wall as I finished it last night and my wall is now empty!!!

2011-08-28 20.00.29 What's that strip at the top of the quilt you ask? Why it's the only piece of paw print fabric I own....hence, it's the dog pound....or if you are a Browns fan and get the reference, it's the dawg pound!!!! It cracks me up!!! (in case you are not a football fan, the dog pound is the area under the end zone at the stadium.)

2011-08-28 20.00.09

2011-08-28 20.01.54

Some poor color shots but you can kinda see the quilting. I used a panto called popcorn and I love it!

2011-08-28 20.01.33

2011-08-28 20.01.22

Click on over to Judy's blog and see what the rest of the quilters are working on this week!


Quilter Kathy said...

Of course football season requires a new quilt! I'm sure it will be well loved! Great finish!

Connie said...

Congrats on finishing your 2 year old football quilt UFO, it looks great!

Gari said...

What a great idea. I may just have to make a football quilt for DH although that might suggest I, too, enjoy watching football on TV. I love going to games but on TV, not so much. However, a purple and white Northwestern quilt is a great idea. Thanks. (or maybe a purple and white crying towel?)

Vicki said...

LOVE you quilt and the fans for your teams are devoted ones, I am losing devotion for my "beloved" Lions but maybe we can win a game this year!! Nice job.

Alycia said...

Thats aweseom - and perfect timing for the season!! Great job!

Chris said...

Perfect for the season. It turned out great.

Shasta said...

What a great manly quilt. Congratulations on a finish!


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