Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hello, Shalom, Hola!

It seems fairly obvious that I am no longer sure about blogging. I love the idea of it....but the actual execution....It is soooo time consuming to edit pics and all. I am going to hang in here a bit longer but bear with me...if you are still out there... I've been filling my time elsewhere. How do you find time to post, read, comment ect......I don't have kids and it's just DH and I so that isn't the problem. It's just so much time on the computer. I have that I accomplish much more without the blogging but I miss it......So how do you do it?

On the quilty front....

I made this sign for school. I teach a class we call L'dor V'dor. In hebrew that means from generation to generation. I teach Jewish customs, traditions and holidays.

I have been wanting to make this sign ever since I bought this book by Atkinsons Designs.

Number one. I hate my sign. The kids will probably like it but....icky, icky on my part. Number 2, I didn't want to sew so I used the old paint around the edges technique. ICK. Number 3, The idea was to make it reversible because I am also the librarian. I painstakingly fused and cut the letters for LDOR VDOR and LIBRARY. I fused, painted, bejeweled, and decorated both sides. YEAH it was done. AHEM....I strung the letters on the rod. L-d-o-r-V-d-o-r. I turned the rod around expecting to see L-i-b-r-a-r-y. Instead I saw y-r-a-r-b-i-L!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! To add insult to injury, I can't even find a place to hang the riffin' raffin' thing!!!!!!

Here is a close up of a couple letters.


Mary said...

Blogging is important to me and I tend to stick to fairly short posts for the most part. While it's tempting to show lots of photos, maybe one with a short explanation or comment would be more manageable.

The Calico Cat said...


Ha, ha, ha.
1. Do you flickr, I find it easier & quicker to blog from flickr...
2. I don't comment much...
3. 99% of the time if I have to click out of google reader, I don't...
4. I skim rather than read.
5. If something irritates me, or isn't inspiring, or & the "new" format stinks (IMHO), or it is all about advertising, or (I delete it from my google reader - so that I am down to a manageable number of blogs to read.)
6. I follow more people in flickr - as a visual person, I am more interested in the pictures anyway. (There I said it.)

Elaine Adair said...

Posting/with photos DOES take me too long - part is my fault, because I want to get each word correct.

Do what you can - YOU feel you might not be posting frequently, yet others may not be, as well. MY posting has slogged down, due to ???? life, I guess. I would miss you if you stopped.

Your letters are ??? not sure how to describe! LOL Surely you don't expect to have them perfect the first time, do you?????

Chris said...

I have the same feelings about blogging. Love it, miss it when I don't but it does take a fair bit of time. I have resigned myself to the fact that I blog when the mood strikes and I want to commemorate something. With Google Reader (or some such) don't worry about not posting very often. When a new post pops up it a happy event. It doesn't bother me if there is a lag between posts because I don't have to go to your blog every day to look. See, everyone wins.

Maybe your post title should have been Shalom, olleH. LOL


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