Sunday, June 10, 2007

Husbands and Best Buy

Like a commercial, my husband went crazy at Best Buy. Because I was the lucky recipient, I decided not to holler at him! Two years ago DH said I NEEDED an ipod/mp3 player. We actually had an argument in the middle of Best Buy.

"You need an ipod and that is what I am going to buy you for your birthday!"

"But. I don't listen to music. I don't need an ipod!!!"

"But you listen to books on tape. You'll put a book on there."

"But it will only hold one cd. What's the point!"

"You'll see! You're going to love it."
I never used it. Not once. We got the thing home, he loaded his music on it, said "see, isn't this neat!" and merrily used the thing for the next 18 months. I on the other hand was gypped out of a birthday present! LOL! For his birthday this past year I bought him a PS2. It was a huge hit. He travels alot and he uses it constantly. He plays games, watches movies and listens to music. The mp3 player was thrown in the drawer. I started walking again 3 weeks ago and complained about my cd player. "AHA!", he says. "I told you you needed a mp3 player!" Oh yeah.... Mine is in the drawer....He loaded the two cd's that I own on it and I have been merrily walking for the past 3 weeks. Saturday we celebrated my birthday. Here is what he bought me......

This holds about 8 million songs, plays video, stores pictures....the only thing it won't do is actually walk for me.

"But I use this piddly little mp3 player very happily."

"But on this one you can download and play 'Gray's Anatomy' for only $2.

"Why???" If I miss it I can watch it online for free!"

"But you can load your QUILT pictures on here to show your friends."

"But then I'll need to carry the thing with me!"

Now I really do like the new player. It is smaller, has a larger memory and plays a nice radio. I can actually load an entire book on it and hold more music than I'll ever listen to. I just think it is so funny that even though the piddly one was good enough for me, it wasn't good enough for DH! Funny, funny!

On to gift #2. We bought Ms. A a new computer. She got a brand new, fancy schmancy 19" flat panel monitor. I keep threatening to steal the thing from her. So, DH bought this.....

I love this monitor. It sits further away from my face so is much more comfortable. I would have been happy with one or the other of these gifts but first I was stressed at receiving two such big gifts. But then I looked at how happy it made DH and decided I needed to quelch my stress, say thank you, and enjoy the gifts.

"Now you can watch 'Gray's Anatomy' on a big screen."


He must think I have a fixation on 'Gray's Anatomy'!

Now, I need to actually go out and walk with my new mp3 player. It is already 79 degrees and it's only 7:30!


Vicky said...

Wow, your hubby is a keeper!!! You'll enjoy the large monitor!

I don't listen much to music either, so I haven't purhcased an mp3 yet. Keep us posted on how you like it!

Happy Birthday!

Elaine Adair said...

How nice to see a photo of you, (further down) and I MUST applaud you on your diet success.

MY trick (this time) is dieting with a friend. Women will do a LOT for each other, but not so much for oneself, so I am dieting for HER, and she is dieting for ME. That way, we are less likely to falter! So far, that trick is working.

Thanks for your visit/comment to my blog, and for THIS visit.

Pam said...

You crack me up! Isn't it interesting what we will do to make THEM happy? LOL Actually my greatest joy is seeing the joy in others when they know gift they have given (to me or someone else) is loved. mp3 player was lost for months and I did not miss it...ooops...hubby on the other hand is totally a NONE techy and he uses his mp3 player almost every day! go figure.

Pam @

floribunda said...

Funny, those men! My hubby bought me an iPod for Xmas in 2005 -- I had never even thought about having one, but now I'm hooked on all the great podcasts that are available... like radio shows I always miss. And books on cd! (too bad I can't download the e-books from the library -- they don't work on iPods)

paula, the quilter said...

Too, too funny! You're going to love your new toys.

computerpeach said...

How nice!! I want an Ipod - but probably won't ever get one.

atet said...

The mp3 player also means you can load podcasts -- there are quilting ones. Listen to quilting chatter while you walk!

swooze said...

I think your hubby is related to my hubby!! LOL! Happy Birthday!

Susan said...

Men and their toys. =) My son keeps telling me that I need an iPod, but fortunately, he doesn't have the money to buy me one yet. =) My DH is the kind who is really happy when he thinks he's made me happy, too, so I know about biting your tongue. =)

Shelina said...

What an awesome husband you have there - to think of your needs and try to make you happy before you even know you have those needs!
Happy Birthday! and congratulations on your weight loss achievement!

Su Bee said...

HUH??? Where do you watch Grays online???
Techy toys are great, I wish I understood them better.

Norma said...

I got an iPod for Mother's Day. I just love listening to quilting podcasts. Can you also listen to podcasts on your new toy?


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