Sunday, June 24, 2007

Just Stuff..My 100th post!

What a mish mash I have here. I found all the pictures I haven't posted. I am clumping them all together in one post.

I haven't posted a quilty picture or message in a while. That's where I'll start. This is a teaser picture of a toddler quilt I am working on. I am annoyed with myself though. I put it on my design wall to figure out the quilting. As long as it was there I figured I'd mark it with my washout blue know the cannot be ironed. AFTER I marked 1/4 of the quilt I remembered that DUH! I hadn't' fused the batting and backing yet! Since I have made a vow to look at life half full instead of half empty, I am choosing to think that at least it is 3/4 UNMARKED! (It's still annoying though!).

This is a picture of the "birthday cake" a friend made for me. She kept drilling me on what I'd be willing to eat. I thought this was so nice. The flowers are turnips dyed with food coloring.


I thought that these came out so, so cute that I had to share the picture. We made these mouse pads for a some of the staff at work. They always do so much for us and I thought it would be nice to recognize them at the end of the year. Each child put on their fingerprint and then got to decide if they wanted to be a butterfly, ant, spider or ladybug. The kids really enjoyed making them and the recipients were thrilled. I wish that I'd made one for myself!!

Not a very inspiring 100th post but ...... I am really enjoying this blogging business. Good people out there in blogland. Now I just need to get busy and save all of my posts so that I can print a hard copy for posterity.


Vicki W said...

Congratulations on your 100th post!

atet said...

Congrats on your 100th post. Actually, the blue washout marker CAN be ironed -- or at least, I've done it and had no problems getting it out afterwards. Not something I'd make a habit of doing mind you -- but it hasn't had dire consequences for me when I've HAD to do it in the past. (ok, so when I've screwed up and had to make adjustments for my mistakes ;0) ).

Patti said...

The mouse pad is marvelous! How sad you didn't think to make one for yourself. What a treasure that would be!


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