Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day fun

We had a fun Father's Day. Well, not Father's Day itself, but our celebration. Yesterday our girls were supposed to begin their vacations with our families in Ohio. Unfortunately mother nature and Continental Airlines had different ideas. To make a long story short, after sitting in the airport all day, their flights were cancelled, their trip delayed/shortened 2 days....just a mess.

We actually celebrated Father's Day on Sat. Mr. Fancypants and Mrs. S brought over a video game and we had a ball. I can't seem to remember the name of the game. It is for the Playstation 2 and I think it is called guitar hero or guitar master or some such thing. The gist is you use a guitar plugged into the game and as the notes come on the screen you hit the corresponding buttons. It's like those arcade games that you dance to the beat. I found this video on youtube that shows an advanced level being played.

We had a blast because they thought their dad would have fun with the game but guess who actually like it???!! They were all so surprised that I was able to play the game (as if I am some dottering old woman that has lost all eye hand coordination, rhythm and coolness! Sheesh! I'm not that old!!!).They were not only shocked that I was able to get through without "getting killed" but that I continued to play again and again. I think I had so much fun because they were so surprised that I could do it. (I remember when my dad would surprise me in the same way. Just about the time I thought he was too old to do anything he would remind me that HE wasn't a dottering old fool! Once I sprayed him with the hose and he shocked me by chasing me a long way up a hill until I got away.)
Here I am...laughing at them laughing at me.

DH.....thinking he could do it with no trouble but discovering that it was not easy.....Ms. A......Heaven forbid she should smile in a picture......She was too busy being competitive.

Mrs. S.....cracking up Mr. Fancypants.....he just wanted to win!Of course it was his game so he was really good at it.

I hope everyone had a lovely Father's Day. I will post something quilty this week. I feel guilty that I haven't posted quilty in a while..... Been creating, just not finishing anything.

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Susan said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun. Love your pictures! Hate flying!


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