Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Life with Ms. A

I love visiting my daughter. I hate visiting my daughter. I love spending time with her, laughing, spending far too much at the grocery, clothing and various other stores. We have fun. I hate sleeping here. She has one queen sized bed with a very old mattress. We share... with me by the wall! In wake up in the middle of the night with pain everywhere. I usually start in bed, wake up in pain and finish the night on the couch. Ugh.

I sent a note to the ebay seller concerning the fabric I ordered on July 4. I've not even received a reply. When I get home tomorrow I will be sending a lovely, lovely message to both the seller and ebay. Unfortunately, yesterday I finally found the perfect companion fabrics and spent quite a bit on them. At this point I just want the fabric!

Just a little note to check in.....I'm off to Joanns here and all the quilt shops! Big fun!


Susan said...

Sounds like you have a great relationship with your daughter, just not with the bed! Why don't you start out on the sofa? Congratulations on hitting the 45 mark!

Melzie said...

Ugh I hate bad ebay experiences! Did they have good feedback otherwise? I'm looking at your weight loss ticker, way to go! xoxo melzie

SewDivaDiane said...

Oh, I have a Ms A and I know what you mean! my Ms A lives in Baltimore-about 6 hours from here and we meet in NYC and take the train down. Lots of laughing and spending $ but I hate her bed! Do you think we were separated at birth? And I have lost 14 lbs!


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