Thursday, July 19, 2007


I was tagged! This is my first tagging so I am excited! Thanks to QuiltMommy all of you in blogland get to know five things about me that you probably could care less about! Too bad!! LOL! I'm excited to be tagged so you all get to read!!!!

Five Things to Do Before I Die:
1. Be thin -sounds so vain but just for one moment I'd like to be thin and shapely.
2. Make a mark-I want to make a difference in my little world. I would like to think that I've positively impacted someones life.
3. Take a cruise
4. Learn to converse in another language
5. Travel to Israel

Five Things I Can Do:
1. Free Motion quilt

2.Stop 12 2 year olds from crying on the first day of school. Then get them to look forward to coming back the next day.

3.Sit on the floor with my legs outstretched and touch my face to the ground. Not too useful but I'm still as stretchy as when I was a kid! It always amazes younger people how stretchy I am.

4. Teach my totally computer illiterate MIL how to cut and paste, order online, search online retrieve data from her computer...all over the phone with her in a total panic. After each instruction I need to tell her to "hit enter." She thinks I'm a computer genius.....I let her believe it. DH gets so mad because I only understand things that he has explained to me! It's to the point that she bypasses DH, her son, and goes directly to me! She also refers me out to all her relatives...they all call here asking all sorts of favorite was my mouse isn't working! What do I do?!!!!

5.Lead a sing along/ assembly for 100 adults and children every week. Start by knowing I CANT SING! I just enjoy what I am doing and so it doesn't seem quite so off key. The cool part is that because I enjoy it, I am able to get the adults to smile, clap along and join in. The very best was Donuts with Dad. There had to be 50-60 dads in the audience and I got them to all sing a song they were unfamiliar with. To hear all those male voices joining in to not only have fun but to be a part of their children's lives gave me goosebumps!

Five Things I Cannot Do . . . Yet:
1.Listen well. I talk alot but am working on being a better listener

2.Keep my yard weeded - I start off good at the beginning of the year and then lose interest!

3. Be totally comfortable in the gym.

4. Be organized - scatter brained is a good nickname for me.

5. Lose weight and keep it off!!!!!! Working hard on this one.

Five Things That Make a Man Attractive to me:
2.Able to relate to children, get down to their level and enjoy themselves.
3.Sense of Humor
4.Family Values
5. Good looks/nice body doesn't hurt!

Five Celebrity Crushes:
1. When I was a teenager I thought the JFK Jr. fabulous! I had pictures of him all over my bulletin board. I still have those silly pictures. I was devastated when he died.

I really don't have celebrity crushes. I think Rob Lowe has gotten VERY good looking as he's aged. I never thought so when he was younger. I also think the guy from Heros, that used to be in Judging Amy, is good looking. That's how much I care, I don't even know his name!I just
would never go out of my way for a celebrity. They are just regular people doing their job same as I do mine. I've never seen a celebrity go out of their way to meet me, ogle me or care what I did last night!

I've been on this computer forever this morning. I'll tag others later.....

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Sweet P said...

My DIL and you should talk. She is a day care teacher and has 10 two year olds in her class. She loves her job.

My MIL is similar to yours. She does know enough about her computer to get around, but when she has a question she doesn't her son the computer geek (not my DH) she'll ask me. Isn't that what DIL's are for?


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