Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Auntie Camp. Tuesday

Oy! I've been keeping this a big secret. I know this will be a surprise/shock but, I'm not 25 anymore. Nope. Ahemmm.....not even 30! We went to the beach and used our boogie boards (sorta like a small surfboard that you lay on to catch a wave). The water wasn't very rough but it still beats ya' around. Today....today I wish I hadn't stopped exercising 8 months ago. My biceps are sore, my legs, my shoulders....UH! The best part is that our 50 sunscreen worked just fine and we are not burned. The worst part is that we are doing it again today. Oh my aching muscles!

Here she is, the first moment on the beach.This is the jetty we walked out on. We are lookingback at how far we walked. To the right is the ship channel, to the left the bay.

We went across the ferry. It's pretty cool because between the island and the mainland is a small strip of water. For whatever reason, they cannot build a bridge. We drove all the way there just so we could ride on the ferry. We had a wait to go across the first time and CheerGirl was very hot! She is fanning herself with her hand.

I have a dear, dear friend who thinks of everything. She had a present waiting here when CG arrived. It was a waterproof, whoopdee doopdie watch. Here they are showing it off.


Anonymous said...

Iam sitting here with tears in my eyes. Not because I am sad, but OH CONTRARE happy Judy and Aunt Marla are having such a wonderful time!!!! Aunt Marla- don't over do it!! you are NOT 30 anymore!!!!!

Judy said...

How much fun are you having!!!! Go Auntie Go.


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