Monday, June 15, 2009

Have YOU ever seen a scorpion?

I can now proudly say, I have. Wellllll I can afford to be cavalier because the scorpion is smushed somewhere in San Marcos, Texas!! I spent the week with CCCat in San Marcos. I was repacking my suitcase. Both the suitcase & I were sitting on the floor. I my black pants up, from INSIDE my suitcase and, being the quilter I am, noticed a bunch of camel colored thread on the pants. Luckily I stopped to take a second look at the blob because IT MOVED! I threw those pants as fast as I could!!!! I was frozen, just frozen in my place! My GOSH, A SCORPION, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

I'm just a transplanted northerner who was aghast to discover that cockroaches go into ALL houses in Texas not just the disqusting ones. I suddenly became a whirlwind of activity when I realized that at any moment the DEADLY scorpion could skeedaddle out of my pant leg and come and get me. I jumped up and franticlly looked for something to move my pants. I found a curtain rod. A-hah! The right criteria....long enough for me to jump away if the scorpion decided to take aim at me. I picked those pants up with the curtain rod like they were .....well, like they were harboring a scorpion! I took it out side and THREW the pants. That scorpion didn't even bother to get off of my pants.

It musta been taunting me. I had to use the curtain rod to prod the dumb thing and get it off of not only my pants but the porch. THAT, IT DIDN'T LIKE! Up came its tail and it came CHARGING AT ME! Oh, did I mention that I was barefooted? Also I was certain the thing was the size of a small alligator and didn't really want to smash it. PLUS I WAS CERTAIN THAT SCORPION BITES KILL! Finally I got it off the porch and in the flowerbed. When CCCat came home from her walk and I told her of my ordeal, she wasn't' even phased! She chuckled at me. I was being stalked by a killer and she laughed at me. (We actually found a second scorpion in the doorway....or was it the first one coming back for me....She just picked up a shoe and WAP! took care of it!) Ok, ok, so she told me that it stings like a wasp. That you don't actually die from the scorpions here but instead writhe in pain. But I had been convinced that if it had bit me, I would have needed IMMEDIATE medical attention. In actuality, if it had bit me while she was gone, in my state of ignorance and gross-outedness, I would have called 911! (Boy that would have been fun. CCCat laughing at me and the entire San Marcos Emergency Services having a chuckle at my expense!) Not only did Mrs. CCCAt laugh at me, so did MR. CCCat! Sure, they are south Texaners....they have weathered hurricanes, cockroaches, cows getting into their backyard, and scorpions! I have experience with snails and ladybugs! They got a really big kick out of my ORDEAL. Luckily, Mrs. S & Ms. A. understood my trauma! {{{{{bleeccchhhh}}}}}}} The next time I visit with Ms. CCCat in San Marcos, it's shoes, clothes hangers and NO PICKING STRAY THREADS!


Catherine said...

I would have been screaming like a crazy lady if that thing had come anywhere near me! Am I ever glad we don't have those up here!

The Calico Quilter said...

OK, I have now found something that scares me more than spiders. I'm glad we don't have those things in Tennessee. I think we don't. Excuse me, I have to go look up the habitat range of scorpions. Yech!


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