Sunday, October 18, 2009


I find this so funny. I have loved these apples since the first time I saw them. I never considered making them until last few years. I looked at them and saw too much potchkying around (it's fiddly work). All of a sudden I was hell-bent on an apple pattern. I finally had one but then that potchkying thing kept me from making them. Two years later.......

A big tower of apples. It took me too long to finish them for the 2009 gift. I put them away for another day. But I can finally say that I made them!


Cathi said...

I love them! Where did you find the pattern?

Anonymous said...

Marla- I keep meaning to ask you, Can you make me a table runner for the winter season? I love snow mmen if that helps. I will pay you for it. We love the Red, white and blue one you gave us. Really adds to the table. If you don''t want to it is understandable. maul it over!!!!
Your telepathic sister.

Purple Pam said...

Love the apples, and the basket. You did a great job on them. Did you make the basket, also?


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