Saturday, October 10, 2009

Auntie Camp on the Road #2

All week Wildthing couldn't wait to cut the grass. Can you blame him?? They just bought a brand new lawnmower. Does this look like fun or what!? He's getting good at mugging for the camera! Besides, I was there at his every move, documenting it on film! Every self respecting Auntie must teach their niece or nephew something their parents would frown on. My contribution.....teaching WT (wildthing) to whistle through his fingers. It's loud. It's piercing. It can be annoying to parents. It's perfect!! LOL!! I can create a loud, piercing, whee-oo-whit! with my whistle. WT practiced and practiced (it's really harder than you think) and by the time I left was creating a very respectable whee-ooo-whit sound himself. I think I've taught him a life skill that he can pass on to his unsuspecting relatives!

We visited the zoo. I tell you, I haven't been to a zoo in YEARS! It was a beautiful day and it was alot of fun. Unfortunately we discovered that one of us is wayyy smaller than an adult male ape and one of us weighs the same as a couple of female orangatuns............

One more installment of Auntie Camp 2009..........


Vicki W said...

Being an aunt is awesome! I taught me nieces and nephews all kinds of bad habits!

Nana's Quilts said...

Thanks for your note Morah. All the baking has been enjoyed. Daughter and 3 grands are coming tomorrow for a brief visit - hurrah! (I have to hide the holiday gifts I have been working on!)

Off to San Antonio on Monday. My RV group is having their national meeting. Should be fun.
Best wishes,


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