Tuesday, October 20, 2009


We live in the city. Now, I was raised camping and doing lots of outdoorsy things. My girls...not so much. So on Saturday night, when Mrs. S called to say they were making s'mores, I asked her how??? I don't remember her answer but they live in a 1 bedroom apt with no amenities. Not wanting to miss out on s'mores, I told them to come on over. Here they are using the only logical thing we had available for "marshing" marshmallows.

The grill! Not any ole' charcoal grill but a gas grill!!!! It was too funny!!!!! But we perservered! We should have removed the grates but in our haste to cook and devoured these little goodies, we didn't think about it until they were blazing hot.

At one point, Mr. Fancypants decided he wanted a char on his marshmallow so he did so with a lighter!! Never mind the method....the results were fabulous!!!

Now here is the weird part. My sister lives 1500 miles away. On the same night, at roughly the same time, her and cheergirl made s'mores....in the TOASTER OVEN!! I thought we were silly trying to roast them on a grill.LOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOLOLOLOL~~~!!!!!
As she said on Facebook, what are the chances that sisters living hundreds of miles apart make s'mores in a very unconventional way, on the same night? I have always said that we have some telepathy thing. Further proof is all I say, further proof.


Leah said...

We used to make them in college by sticking one on a fork, and turning on the burners on the stove...electric burners no less. We did it with hardened peeps from Easter more than marshmallows though...

Mary said...

Thanks for the good memory of standing around the gas stove at grandpa's making toasted marshmellows with a fork. We ate them as they were tho. Didn't learn about smores til I was in college.


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