Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Men are so funny. They would never admit that they gossip, chit chat or chatter. If you ask them, they would say that they go in, get a job done, and get out. THEY LIE!! I'm sitting here at a friend's house while some work is being done. The guys are in the foyer, doing their work, but the chit chat and chatter abounds! I bet if you would ask them if they chat while they work, they would say no. True, they are negotiating how to best get this job done, working out the details ect., but once they are each doing their own jobs....their jaws start to flappin'! LOL!! I'm quietly sitting at my laptop and chuckling.

I have had this same observation at work. We have off duty police officers on our campus. Let me tell you ....THEY GOSSIP! Oh sure, rough and tough, carry a gun and all but man o man. Let something happen at school on Monday and by the time the Friday guy comes to work, he knows all about it....with details! They don't even work in the same office.

I am the product of a man that had few words. "Had" I say because over the past few years, since my mom died, his shell broke. It is a wonderful thing to be honest. However, I was raised by the part of him that didn't talk alot. He certainly didn't verbally express emotion. Now is different. To be fair, he fairly bubbles with words now.

The same goes for men when it comes to their children. They would never admit that they are as soft as they are. I see alot of men with their children at school. Dads are no different than moms, they just won't admit that they have the same emotions!!! These are two stories of men not realizing that others could see their love and devotion.

....again, one of the policemen. This guy is a very muscular guy, He calls everyone "ma'am" and is someone I wouldn't want to meet in the dark (on the wrong side of the law! LOL!!!!!LOL!!!) He has two little girls. One morning, as I waited to turn into the lot, I watched him and one of his daughters, about 3 at the time, walk across the parking lot. In one hand he held her hand. In the other, he held her little pink backpack. I don't know what they were doing but all of a sudden he skipped! Just one or two skips but it was a sight. This big man, complete with a police uniform, gun, bullet proof vest, a little girl and a pink backpack, and skipping! It was a priceless image! dad. When I was pregnant with my oldest child my dad had a party for his employees. I was very pregnant. I remember him tracking me down, dragging me around and introducing me to his employees. The look in his eyes. I'll never forget the glow of love. He was so pleased that I was having a grandchild! Remember, this was the man that would rather do ANYTHING than EXPRESS emotion.

Why do men work so hard to make us believe that we are so different? What's this macho business about anyways? Every man from my father & my husband to the guys at work, are no different from the women I know. It's just that the women are not afraid to admit that they have emotions or gossip. I really think that it comes down to image. What the men don't realize however, is that we see right through them. We'll let them keep up their charade.

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