Monday, November 02, 2009


October 31 - check

Nightfall - check

Candy - check, check, check



Children.............even Minkee was wondering where they all were....


Sigh. Double triple sigh! I was going to skip candy this year, or at the very least buy a small quantity, but DH insisted. The last few years he has been in charge of the candy dispersion and INSISTED that each year he runs out of candy. I had my doubts. I have the most lackluster neighbors...they usually don't even turn on their lights so no kids come down our street, but ok. Buy extra candy this year.
We had 7 trick or treaters! SEVEN! Ahhhh!! Now I see his plan!


On a different note, I have a night blooming jasmine outside my front door. The smell has been overpowering and wonderful at the same time. It seems that just as butterflys like to drink nectar, during the day, of good smelling plants, so do moths, at night. My plant was vibrating with moths. Add to this that the light was on for the trick or treaters and it was attack of the moths when you walked outside. I tried to get pictures but it was too dark. I resorted to using the garage door to exit the house and warded off the unsuspecting children. I don't think they would have appreciated being pummeled by moths.

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The Calico Quilter said...

We had zero. Zip. Nada. NONE! After I made a special candy run and turned on all the lights. There have been skimpy years here but I always had at least one trick or treater. The Milky Ways went into the freezer. I haven't got strong enough teeth to be tempted.


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