Monday, September 15, 2008

Ever wonder?

Did you ever wonder what YOU would do when faced with a hurricane. My heart goes out to my neighbors in Houston. The devastation could have as easily been my city. For a few days we were in the bullseye. It is such a horrid thing to wish the hurricane away because you know that you are wishing it to someone else! I am not sure that I would have actually evacuated.....I am 5 miles, as the birds fly, from the gulf. This has been a huge source of contention as DH was not here and was in a total panic fearing that I'd stay. Sometimes though, evacuating is as treacherous as stating. If you leave to late, TRAFFIC and caught in the storm. This one was predicted to go straight along the path I needed to take AND heavily affect the area I was running to! Luckily, the question of what to do will not be an issue for another year. In the meantime....Pictures of the boarded up house.... (yes, Mr. FancyPants and I did it alone. I took them down and put them away all by myself!!!!) (in case you's like a tomb inside once all the boards are up.)
I took a tour to see what was open. After all, the predictions changed and Ike was no longer headed towards us....directly that is! Here was Joanns for 3 days.....fancy sandbags. Like that would stop much.


Notice how they leave the doors exposed. G-d forbid we shouldn't be able to shop ASAP once the danger was over! What good do you suppose that trash can is doing???
All in all we received NO rain, NO wind, NO weather troubles from Ike! Although I am glad, it is with a heavy heart....someone else is suffering.


Mary said...

We lived in FL for 14 years so we faced a lot of hurricanes - both those that came at us and those we prepared for that never hit. I'm glad Ike decided to miss you!

Esteemarlu said...

Morah,I'm a bookaholic so one week after the hurricane I went to Barnes&Noble thinking and hoping it would be open.HELLO,it was closed and they were cleaning it out and there were security guards just staring at my van.They don't understand we book people need our book fix even after a major hurricane. I also made the rounds at he joann's parking lot and no luck either.LOL!


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