Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The bane of my existence......

….has become putting something down and not knowing where I left it! I used to blame the little blue men (there was a Steven Speilberg show on TV once that blamed little blue men for misplaced items) but have seriously reconsidered in the past few months. I think that I am just losing my mind! Take these for example. I KNEW with every fiber of my being that I did not lose my sunglasses (they clip on to my glasses). When packing for Las Vegas I looked everywhere for these goofy things. High, low, up, down….everywhere and they were not to be found. I asked DH if he had seen the case (that is like speaking to the air but it was worth a shot) and he said no. HMPH! We came home from LV and I looked some more. Double HMPH! Then, when I was taking photos of my living room for this blog, I moved a basket. When I looked inside, THERE SAT MY GLASSES CASE just as big as you please. Yup! Inside were the missing sunglasses. Now why in heavens name where they in that basket??? It made absolutely no sense and even the little blue men would understand that!!

This *^%&^&^$####**** thing has been THE most frustrating thing I own. This is an ipod case made for using during exercise. I like this case because it has a clip and when I go to the gym, clean house or do yard work, I don’t have to wear the massive arm band. I can just clip it on myself and go. Plus, it’s protected in my purse. But the padded parts don’t allow it to be used in a docking station. In order to use any of my many docking stations, I must take the ipod out of the case. Hooking up to ITunes? Take the ipod out of the case. At school, I take it out to use and then put it back in to protect. In the car, back out of the case to use the docking station and back in when I get home. At home, out of the case to listen to music in my sewing room and back in the case when done. That little case is wiley because it is never, ever where I leave it! It was lost for two weeks when I finally found it inside a storage box. Then I lost it again the very next day!

On Thursday, I packed to go to Austin. I disconnected my phone charger and put it???????? Now on Friday, I was unable to figure out where I left the blasted thing! I thought maybe it was wrapped up in my clothes so didn’t worry too much about it. I couldn’t find it all weekend…..couldn’t find it when I got home Mon. ……dumped my suitcase and various bags….no phone charger! By this time I was so aggravated! No phone charger and no IPOD case!!! Double. Triple, GRRRR!!!! I began searching in earnest!!!!!! Finally I looked at the computer desk and next to the printer….hey! What’s that??!! The IPOD case….and what’s that on the shelf next to the router???? The phone charger!!!! WHOO HOOO!!! (in all fairness,it’s pretty dark and shadowy where I found them but golly, what were they doing there in the first place?!) I suppose all is well in the world for another day. The only problem is that I go back in the car later this evening and you know what that means for my ipod.


Joyce said...

I think it must be old age. Lol. I found a bread knife in my purse one day. Only two of us here, neither one put it there. How did it get there???? Still no idea. No, I was not planning to rob a bank. At least, I don't think so.

The Calico Quilter said...

I've started to wonder if anyone makes a sound activated locator for your glasses. (You know, clap and the little thing beeps back at you so you can find it.) Seriously, I wish it were possible. I put my glasses on and off a lot through day and sometimes - well, they go missing. (Never buy brown framed glasses if you have mahogany furniture - blends right in. Doesn't help that you're looking for your glasses WITHOUT YOUR GLASSES!)


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