Monday, September 08, 2008

Somewhat quilty?

Just thought you’d like to see Ms. A’s project when she was about 10…..It is hand sewn….she is now 23….I remember that one day she just asked for a needle and thread and made this on her own….she no longer owns this pillow....... It finally bit the dust......because it's disqusting and mom decided it needed to go. It didn't fit the decor of her new apt, LOL and why store it. It was really rather gross already. She was sad to throw it away but to say it was a shambles would be an understatement. Maybe, someday, she will really learn to sew????? Yeah right! Ms. A still has the doll my mom bought her when she was about 18 mo. old. Poor ole' Senne is beheaded right now and needs to find a doll hospital. I gave her a heart transplant many years ago but reattaching heads is beyond my abilities!!!

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