Friday, January 26, 2007


That is then nicest way I can express myself in print!! Yesterday, I came home from work, turned on the computer, the screen went crazy and I had to turn it off. Then nothing, absolutely nothing. My 7 mo. baby just sat there. It didn't talk to me at all. The best DH can figure (this wasn't unexpected) is that the video card is kerflooeey. No computer last night or this morning or all day as DH decided to leave his laptop at work last night. While I appreciate him letting me use this laptop (it belongs to work ect. and I can only use it when he is home), I absolutely hate using a laptop. The keyboard just irks me and I keep hitting the wrong thing. Plus I can't find a comfortable position. Let's add to this that MIL & FIL are visiting and I have lost my car for 3 weeks. I love my in-laws and all but I have to drive DH's car...standard shift, and it kills my wrist. (I suppose I could look at the half full side and say at least I have a car to drive!) Then, it's been raining non stop for about 10 days. To make a long story short, we must have a leak in our 5yo roof because the carpet in the closet and around the fireplace is SOAKED, it SMELLS mildewy, my nose is burningand throat hurts ever since we pulled up the carpet and sucked up the water, we have fans and heat running. The decorative dolls sitting on the pouting chair wicked up the water and the dresses made by DH's grandmother are stained from the chair while the chair has huge water marks. The home movie video tapes sitting on the floor in front of the closet (I'm putting them onto DVD for safekeeping and have them in a pile. As they are completed I put them away) are wet. My Longenberger basket that was sitting under the table is soaked and the legs from the wooden table ooched out their stain on the carpet. It has been wet for who knows how long. DH's reaction, "Just relax." My MOST FAVORITE PHRASE! This is one phrase that is always sure to raise the hair on the back of my neck and make my veins bulge just trying to contain myself. I am so annoyed I could scream! Let's tally here shall we?....leaky roof, wet carpet, padding, concrete and brick, mold?, still need one more side to our fence and found out last month that our duct work is a wreck and must be replaced. Last year put on a 50th anniversary party AND a wedding, replaced 1 side of the fence , have a daughter in college yet, so the reserves are rather limited..........relax, just relax........yeah right!


Sweet P said...

You do have a lot of un-fun events in your life right now. Maybe you should go into your sewing room, shut the door and just play for 15 minutes. Tune out the rest the world and take a mental health break.

Patti said...

Have you checked with your homeowner's insurance? Surely they will cover all the damage after your deductable.

Mary said...

I feel your pain - we just had a leak at the house in Marietta. That was stressful since no one was staying there and I had to worry about how much damage might be done in the days before they were able to fix it.

The kids arrived this weekend and next up to be fixed is the part of the ceiling that collapsed in the bedroom.

We ended up not filing a homeowner's claim because it was just a little over our deductible to repair.

Judy said...

Well, on the bright side . . surely things HAVE to get better soon! Just relax! :)

Judy L.

Su Bee said...

Yikes, you really do need some quiet time alone! (Not to mention a nice tall mint julip) (((hugs))) It can only get better from here.

Susan said...

If you can't relax, then go to Goodwill, find a bunch of ugly cheap plates. Then find someplace where you can throw them and they will smash into tiny bits that you don't have to pick up. Or spread a sheet to catch them. I always feel better afterward.

An alternative is to smash them with a hammer until you have tiny pieces. Hitting them over and over is really good for stress relief, and you can use the bits to cover the soil in the garden - keeping down the weeds. Of course, you won't want to go digging in it with your bare hands later.

Linda_J said...

Are you starting to feel like you have a little black cloud over your head? Remenber that character Joe something from the old Lil Abner comic of years past---oops, showing my age there.

I hope that things will straighten out soon as this is almost too much to bear.

Vicky said...

I had a roof leak in the house I rented for a year after I sold mine. The split white oak basket I had sitting by the fireplace mildrewed on the bottom and I haven't been able to get it off.

Mold is nothing to play around with. I hope you get this all fixed up real quickly!



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