Sunday, January 21, 2007

Log Cabin chatter

I promised photos of my in progress log cabin. But before I show that I must "fess up." Amy has been very concerned for me because I cut all those log cabin pieces. Uhmmm... Well... ya see, DH is just the best. I was kvetching and whining last Saturday night that I would never be ready for retreat and well....he cut the 1 1/2" strips. All I did was cut them to size. He stood there and cut and cut and cut. He actually enjoyed it (he would never admit that to anyone but me and I'm sure didn't tell the guys how he spent his Saturday night) because the football game was on and he said it's mindless work. Maybe that's why we get along so well. I find mindless work mind numbing and he finds mindless work just mindless. So, I ironed, folded and then sat and cut to size, while he stood and cut. After an hour he looked at me and said that this process is painful to the back and legs! LOL! He is so anal about some things though. First of all, the strips had to be perfect. He cut some stripes and I swear each one is identical to the last. Every once in a while I heard "Uh Oh." I just laughed at him because his "Uh Oh" is the equivalent to my "Oh, that's good enough!" All kidding aside, I never would have finished. I really believe that by the time retirement sets in, I'll have the guy converted and quilting!

I'm breaking my rule of not showing things in stages. But because I have no idea of what setting I'll be using, I feel like I'm only stretching the rules not completely breaking them. (I can justify just about anything)

This was the first day. Only the brown logs were finished. I really want the star but, as usual, did things backwards so the star ends up white instead of brown. It was difficult to see with the naked eye. The camera shows it beautifully. See the blocks next to the star. A dear friend is making those. She is meticulously choosing the fabric from an enormous number of choices. I think the extra time has really paid off as they are turning out beautiful. As you see, my "seat of the pants" attitude leads to white stars instead of brown ones while her hard work produces beauty on the first try! LOL!

This is the first brown and pink setting. Like it so, so.

This is a lovely star setting that shows up only on camera. Naked eye it is very hard to see.

Like this but don't like the cross in the middle. It's all I see.

This one is my favorite but....I really want the stars and barn raising combined. We'll see, we'll see.


joyce said...

They are all beautiful and I think I like the last one best too. I like the center of it. Your colors are what makes it. Fabulous.

Diana said...

I think I like the last one best, too. The colors are beautiful!

Jeanne said...

Hi Morah,

I'm a great fan of log cabin quilts!!! So I LOVE all these pics :)

I think you can just flip all your blocks around -- leave them where they are, just rotate them -- and you'll get your dark star in the center.


computerpeach said...

Just totally beautiful - all of the photos...

Sweet P said...

Well it looks like you made a lot of progress on your retreat. I can't wait for mine . . . actually I have three weekend retreats and one overnight retreat in the next few months.

I'm not going to be much on choosing a setting for your log cabin - I like all of them! They are all fantastic.

Sheila said...

Morah, your blocks are lovely. I'm a huge fan of brown and pink. Someday I hope to find the perfect quilt for my collection.

I'm confused though, about whether you really *want* a brown star or just changed your mind? That's the beauty of log cabin blocks being bisexual, no? They can go either way ;).

Go to webshots and search for star log cabin... I think you'll find the setting you're looking for.

Susan said...

I love the blocks. I like the subtlety of having the light star instead of the dark. But if you wanted it dark, why didn't you just turn the blocks? I'm confused there. Your friend's blocks are nice, but I prefer yours, really. How nice that your husband helped you cut! Paul used to use my longarm. =)

The Calico Cat said...

I like the squares of color!

Su Bee said...

Yumm, yumm, yummy! I like 'em all, can it be because they look like chocolate cherries?

pamina (laurence) said...

I love all te designs, but the last one is my favourite. Brown and pink together (or brown with blue) is my favourite colors combination


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