Saturday, January 06, 2007

Terra Cottta Quilt

Finally finished! All I need to do now is wash it. I used the Theremore batting to quilt it and it is very drapey and feels great. The entire time I was quilting I was thinking the Theremore was Thinsulate. It is a thin poly batt. But when it was finished and I covered up with it, I felt like it wasn't too warm. That was when I suddenly realized "well duh!" Not Thinsulate...Theemore! Oh well. I need it to be kinda warm because I am taking it on retreat. We don't really turn the heat on in the sleeping room and last year it was rather nippy. I don't mind but hate to take forever for my feet to warm up once I get into bed. One way or another, I'll know next week whether it's warm enough or not.

Something I forgot to mention....A few posts ago I included a picture of my sewing room. Above the cutting table is a quilt of the Hebrew aleph-bet. That quilt was made by Amy at The Calico Cat. I used to teach Hebrew School and it hung in my classroom. It was a great learning tool. There is a mistake in the letters. One of the letters is out of order. I told my students there was a mistake and whoever could find it would get a million brownie points! (brownie points are imaginary. They understood that but took on the challenge anyway.) Well, one child figured it out. I swore her to secrecy but she was able to tell the other kids that she solved the problem. It became a school wide mystery! During break the kids would congregate in my room and try to figure out what the problem was. (Hey! It took me a minute to figure it out too!) At the end, only a few kids solved the problem. But I love the wall hanging and when I stopped teaching, I had to hang it somewhere in my home. So it now has a position of honor, in my sewing room!

Has anyone else noticed that the their posts didn't begin a new "folder" in Jan.? And that the sidebar has the 2006 posts labeled as 2005?????


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

This quilt is terrific, Morah. It's very unusual and lovely. Congratulations!

I have only a vague recollection of the year of Hebrew I had when I was at seminary but my guess would be that it would be SIN and SHIN interchanged?

Angie said...

Your quilt turned out beautifully! Is that a Thimberries pattern?

Sweet P said...

The quilt is lovely. I hope it will be warm enough for you. You must have had some really smart students to figure out the puzzle of the quilt.

I had notcied the 2005 on someone's blog but didn't really give it much thought until now. You're right I think someone in Blogger needs to wake up.

Miriam said...

this is gorgeous, close ups please?

Clare said...

Beautiful quilt. Was it warm enough? Terracotta is a lovely warm colour.


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