Wednesday, January 03, 2007

First post of new year

Guess, just guess where I am going tomorrow.......Yup! To finally get my machine. I am so thrilled but still just a bit annoyed. I have had 3 weeks off of school and planned to get my batik nickel quilt done but couldn't work on it.

My room was a disaster. So, I spent all weekend cleaning up and cleaning out. I felt like a little kid rearranging their baseball cards. I was busy arranging and rearranging. At one point DH called in and asked if I was ok. He said I had been quiet for so long he was concerned! This is my cutting table before cleaning. Who could cut anything??? I had to clean it because I finished my terra cotta quilt and needed to trim it. See the sampler quilt on the right? It is hiding a padded piece of wood that is hinged to my cutting table. When I lower it I have an ironing surface nearly as large as my cutting table. Even my quilts in the background are messed up. ( I had it all nice and neat but I've already put stuff back on the table so will need to take an after photo later. )

I want to post a picture of my stash. This is what I need to use up in 2007. Don't ask me how I plan on doing it but I am going to give it a good try. I've been lining up my WIMM and my very few UFOs and trying to formulate a plan. If nothing else, I've cleaned up and gotten the thoughts out of my head and onto paper so I can refer to them. This photo is the cleaned up version.

I'll post a picture of the terra cotta quilt another day. Gotta save some picture for another day since I only show finished projects!


The Calico Cat said...

nice quilt up there next to the hearts quilt...

Sweet P said...

I love the color on your walls. I so hate white walls. Is that a curtain rod you're hanging your quilts on? I would like to something like that in my studio.

Miriam said...

i love your studio morah! and i love your quilts on the wall too, and the way they're displayed.


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