Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Well, we found out why we have as much rain inside our house as out. We need a new chimney! Mucho dinero! Actually, at least we know where we stand on the problem and can have it fixed. I am not checking in here often as we are still waiting for our computer to be fixed. I am on the computer at school and have about 5 minutes before someone needs it for real work. I will catch up on all of your posts whenever I get my computer. For now.....Hope for the rain to quit!


EileenKNY said...

Good luck with the new chimney. We have a "wet" basement, so I can sympathize.
Stop by when you can, we'll all be here.

JudyL said...

Ughh! I hope the rain stops and hope you're able to get the new chimney as soon as possible. Always something, huh?
Judy L.

Nancy said...

OUCH! Computer trouble and now a new chimney! (((HUGS))) to you!

Su Bee said...

Oh crum! One thing after another - keep your chin up!

Samantha said...

hope you can get it fixed quickly, cheaply, and well!


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