Friday, January 05, 2007

It's home!

I finally picked up my sewing machine. I don't know how happy the dealer was to hand over a new machine but the fact is he did just that. He is still dealing with the Janome people and I no longer need to worry about it. Where do you think I will be buying the accessories for my machine????

Not only have I worked on cleaning my room lately, but I've been cleaning it out too. This is a picture of my scrap bin (1/2 full. I forgot to take the full picture)

...and this is a picture of the emptied (YIPPEE!) bin......

...and this is the pictures of the strings left from these bins. I am taking these on retreat with me. Hopefully the women there will all do a block or two so we can assemble one top for the heartstrings project.

Now how much more interesting was this dull post because of pictures..........LOLOLOL!

1 comment:

Sweet P said...

Great pictures and extra kudos to your sewing machine man. He may not happy dealing with Janome, but he has made a happy customer and that is what he is in business for. Good job on your scrap bin.


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