Monday, November 19, 2007

Best laid plans

I started out great yesterday. My body had different plans. I've been working at getting sick over the past number of days. I successfully held it off until yesterday. As the day progressed I felt worse and worse. I was determined NOT to go exercise until I had a gentle reminder (in the form of an "ata-girl" comment) from Susan. I went and exercised but it didn't help. This morning...UGH! My throat hurts and feels swollen. I'm so glad I don't have to work this week. This feels like one of those illnesses that will land me in the Doctors office by Weds. SLow to make a home in my body....long to linger.

On the plus side my goals for yesterday
  • Workout

  • 2. Make 4 luggage tags - didn't do BUT DID quilt one table runner! WHOOOHOOO
    3. Choose fabrics for purses and fuse DecorBond - found the DecorBond......
  • Clean up for 10 mins. in Dining Room aka computer junk room

  • 5. Laundry.... not much there - did some but didn't finish

    No picture on the quilted table runner....I need to finish the last two first. Hopefully tomorrow.......

    So here are the goals for today......I'll try but there is no guarentee. My body is in mutany mode!

    1. Workout
    2. Pay Bills
    3. Finish the last two table runners
    4. General clean up
    5. Choose fabrics for purses
    6. Cut luggage tags
    7. Finish the laundry

    I'm off to medicate....Don't tell my grandma. She gets mad when we don't allow ourselves to be sick. If you see her, just tell her I'm fine. I know I'm going to tell her just that!

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    atet said...

    Hope you are feeling better soon -- illness can really put a dent in your "get it done" plans! Good luck on today's goals!


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