Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Today is Thanksgiving....

In our house that is. So.....I'm off to cook. Anymore, I totally dislike the whole process. I used to enjoy cooking but it has become such a chore the last few years. Here is our low carb (DH & I), Weight Watchers (Mrs. S) and "I can eat anything in the world because I am so skinny" (Mr. FancyPants) menu

Low Carb Stuffing -this has the potential to be horrible....
Regular stuffing
green bean casserole-the low carb way
mushrooms-sauted with onion & wine
spinach salad with savory spiced nuts, dried unsweetened cranberries, and vegis.
homemade raspberry vinegarette - has potential as used Toriani sugar free syrup instead of raspberries
.......And the PIECE D" RESISTANCE ( yeah, I'm intentionally spelling it all wrong in a funny attempt to cover the fact that I know what I want to say but have no idea how to spell it)......
Sugar free pumpkin pie &
Mrs. S's homemade sugar free-low carb pumpkin ice cream....YUM!!!!

We are all (with the exception of Mr. FancyPants) trying to lose weight before we go visit family. Mrs. S & I have lost over 50lbs. DH has lost 20. Mr. Fancypants needs to GAIN 20! So, we decided that cheating on Thanksgiving was not an option. THe meal may be bigger than usual but it is within our individual "diets." You just can't use every holiday, birthday, special occasion as an excuse to cheat or you'll never acheive your goals. We still have to get through potato laktas at Hanukkah, eating at Grandma Lil's house, MIL & SIL's houses. It will be harder to manage being in our hometown and being strong then not cheating on Thanksgiving. Our ultimate cheat though......We want Pizza Oven pizza, broasted chicken and potatos when we are in Ohio. We love it so much that last year when I went to Ohio, I took pictures of myself with the pizza box to taunt DH!

No goal list today......cook, clean and workout. That will be my day.

Yesterdays goals
1. Grocery shop for Thanksgiving
2. Pre-prepare many of the dishes.....
3. Workout
4. Dance lesson
5. cut luggage tags....I'll get there one of these days


Nana's Quilts said...

You are good to be strong and WILL thank yourself, without a doubt. I'm getting much, much better about NO second helpings, but I do need to taste everything. Maybe I will figure it out one of these days.

Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Annie said...

Congratulations on your MASSIVE weight loss so far. You have done an amazing job. Keep focused for the final 15 and then really keep focused. I'm on the same trail!


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